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Delani Quintal

I am a professional graphic designer with extensive experience with web and print design, as well as corporate and legal experience doing presentations, project management and trial support. I live in central Massachusetts and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montserrat College of Art.

My core strengths are the abilty to problem solve and look for solutions, my aptitude for both technical and creative tasks, the ability to work well under deadlines and pressure, and to be motivated whether I am part of a team or on individual projects. My weaknesses are chocolate, and red tape. I try to combat these with moderation and patience. I am looking forward to finding a position that will utilize my skills, where I can collaborate with team members, think creatively, and continue to learn and work on rewarding and successful projects.

Recently I have been keeping busy doing photography and graphic design, and keeping up to date on web and print work. I have also been doing some freelance work, mostly presentation, web and logo design. When I am not working I enjoy art, music, movies, food, family and friends, nature and travel.



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Web Design

Spot illustrations for a promotional web page, for a mobile application I helped design. The client wanted more abstract concept artwork to evoke a feeling that would appeal in a more widespread way, rather than a literal interpretation specific to the application. (Illustrator)

Postcard: Florist Promotional


This postcard was designed to be sent out to Salvy the Florist's customers to help generate sales and increase customer satisfaction. (InDesign, Photoshop)

Florist Spot Ads


I designed many different advertisements for Salvy the Florist's web site. I enjoy working with different fonts, imagery, and doing seasonal work or working on variations of a theme. (Photoshop)

University Touch Screen Directory


City University of NY (CUNY) Touch Screen Directory. I was lead designer, did most of the production work, and really enjoyed the utilitarian design and project management of this project. As a touch screen application it is still highly relevant in terms of user interface and design. (Photoshop)

Tech Expo Postcard


Postcard printed for a technology vendor expo. (InDesign, Photoshop)

Tech Expo Pamphlet


Pamphlet printed for a technology vendor expo. (InDesign)

Demonstrative Slide


Presentation slide for an environmental case. (Powerpoint)

Demonstrative Slide


Presentation slide for an environmental case. The case team had basic drawings and figures that I used to create the final graphics. (Powerpoint)

Infographic Slide


Presentation Infographics (Powerpoint) I have extensive experience working with clients to go from concepts and initial drawings to final design for tutorials, charts and other complex visuals. I worked with a variety of clients on cases that needed to explain to judges and the jury how technology and patents worked. It was important to be able to build large decks of presentation slides quickly, and work with sometimes large case teams to work through themes and multiple rounds of edits.

Infographic Slide


Animated Presentation Slide (Powerpoint) - this slide had on click animations that showed the money moving into the mutual fund boxes. The challenge was always to be able to produce quality graphics under a tight deadline, and be able to pull graphics from a variety of sources, in order to go through a series of revisions to a polished final version.

Gallo Law

Business Card

Recent freelance project - business card design. (Illustrator)



Timeline graphics - PowerPoint presentations. Many times I would start from a sketch or a text list of events. I worked with a variety of clients, and have experience with financial, commercial, pharmaceutical and environmental themes. Some timelines were interactive and linked to related documents and slides. Many were printed as oversized boards.

Charts & Infographics


Presentation slides with data and organizational charts. I would use whatever software best fit the project: Visio, Excel, Powerpoint, SmartDraw, Prezi. Many of these were also printed as oversize boards.

Boston Tech Website

Web Design

Web design and production for a local IT company. (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Javascript)

Innocence Project Brochure


While working at a law firm I worked on some very gratifying pro bono projects. One of these was a print brochure for the New England Innocence Project that was held at Harvard. I collaborated with different groups to coordinate and layout the content, and did all of the design. (InDesign)

Salvy the Florist

Web Site Design/Production

Form design web layout. This tied in with look and feel of a promotional postcard that was sent out to customers. (Photoshop)

Salvy the Florist

Web Site Design/Production

I did most of the original design and created a large volume of spot ads, icons and other web elements. The site layout is dated today, although Salvy's core customers have provided feedback that they are familiar with the site and like it's visual ease of use. (Photoshop)

Salvy the Florist

Seasonal and Print Projects

I have done extensive work for Salvy the Florist, including seasonal spot ads, headers and elements for email newsletters. (Photoshop) I also worked on various print projects, inluding a magnet, billboards and phonebook ads. We kept a library of imagery that I would use, manage and share with our group.

THT Web Site Mock

Web Design

Mock pages for a proposed design update for law firm web site. (Photoshop)

THT Web Site

Web Design/Management

I was the webmaster and designer for our law firm's internet and intranet. I also helped create additional related web sites and features. (Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, ASP, HTML, Javascript)

Email Newsletters


I designed and sent out newsletter emails for the firm (using G-Lock software)


Website Design/Production

I worked on web site design and project management for GEMCO, and did some print work for related materials. The experience is transferable to other projects: client interaction, content and product management, and working on a team with programmers and other designers.



This was an asignment to illustrate something you love. My European ancestry and the necessity to stay up late to finish assignments made it an easy choice: Cappucino! (Pastel Pencils)

Anansi the Spider


These spot illustrations were used in a school textbook to illustrate an old African folk tale, Anansi and the Turtle. The moral of the story was that in order to receive (friendship and tasty food) you had to give. (Mixed Media)

They Call it Macaroni


An illustration for an article about Italian food in America. (Pastel Pencils)

Open House Poster


Illustration for an open house poster for an art college. (Watercolor Crayons)


References are available by request.


Web Design

I have a wide range of experience designing web sites, producing and maintaining sites, and providing anything from wireframes to banner ads.

Print, Logos & Branding

I research current trends, and use my creative and technical expertise to design beautiful and functional designs and print materials.

Presentations & Infographics

I've created informative graphics for legal, financial, business, environmental and pharmaceutical clients.


Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, Video and audio software, IT Help Desk, Software implementation and training

I love using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I work in Dreamweaver with Bootstrap, and am familiar with HTML, CSS and JQuery. I have extensive experience in Powerpoint and Excel. I can do video and audio projects, and am very comfortable working with teams, vendors or on individual projects.










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